Women's fashion

Untamed Formals

Here is my version of the weekday formal, every outfit you pick, make sure it has a hint of your personality, because no rules can tie ‘the inner you’ down. In some situations in life, break the rules, not something that can get you into trouble, but something that would remain a memory for you. No creative mind can be bound to a certain set of rules.
We need to get out of the box, break out of stereotypes and be who we are, from within. See who you are for real, when you are alone, the way you feel, the passion you possess, the urge for achieving something, to make a mark. For my version of the weekday formal, I am wearing a crop top, with a classic blazer and formal trousers, and my hair is left open, wild in nature as related to my personality, excited to break loose and break free.

| Top : Max fashion | Trouser : Globus | Blazer : Forever 21 | Stilettos : diba east | Bag : Max fashion |

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