men's fashion

Weekday hustles ♂

We all have our pressures, from work, to personal life, and other reasons, but what we must remember is to always maintain our composure, there will be many obstacles blocking your path, many moments in life that make you feel like ‘this is the end’, or like ‘you are stuck’, but when that one door closes, many other new oppurtunities open. 
There is never failure until the point that you decide to give up. You may fall in many instances, but always get back up and fight for what you truely deserve. Today I am wearing my favorite formal trousers, with a neutral gray shirt to match with it, taking some time off from work to think about life and where I am standing right now. My one theory is to wear a solid neutral pairing with pattern such as checks, stripes, stonewashed etc. Hence my checked trouser is matched with a solid shirt.
| Shirt : Max | Trouser : ZARA | Shoes : Brogues (bxxy) | Watch : Giordano | Glasses : Estycal | Wristband : Globus | Flipkart |

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