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The’Check’ mate story ♀

Life is a challenge, it is a challenge to do what you must, it is a challenge to stand up to others, for your dream, always follow your heart, because what is the point of doing something that you don’t enjoy?. The satisfaction we receive to wake up every day to do something that makes us happy.

Today’s story is an amalgamation of a strong entrepreneur with a hint of a bold fashion statement, ‘the rip’. Checks? which to pick?, well I have worn a comparitively small checked pattern with a darker color palette as it suits my personality best and mainly as it makes me feel comfortable. Matching the shirt is a pair of ripped denims and my magenta wedges, completing the look I have added to it my mini office bag.
| Shirt : Marks & Spencer | Trousers : ZARA | Shoes : Max Fashion | Bag : Splash India | Makeup : ULTA beauty | Maybelline | Revlon | Hairstyle : Top bun

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