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Vintage romantics

Waiting eagerly in the breeze, the melancholy in the trees, the silent whisper in the flowers, blooming bright before a monsoon shower, romance is subtle art of love, the drizzle of amour before the thunder strikes.
This beautiful dress from Qasics is perfect for a romantic evening, the classic pleat with a waist panel is a very vintage feature, with the digital print of the modern time!. Romance is a poetic gesture, that has to handled with the right taste and aesthetic!.
The look is complete with my Gift collection bag from chanel , the outfit goes perfect with my nude strapy shoes & vintage earrings from max, grab the perfect makeup for the right ocassion from nykaa!! Set together a look for the perfect moment!!..
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3 thoughts on “Vintage romantics”

  1. The handbag steals the show ❤ But your ensemble is perfect, the print dress with the bold bag and detail on the earrings just compliment each other so well!


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