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Styling my basics

Have you run out of new clothes to wear, well worry not, you can always dig up one of your old t-shirts to create a new style. In today’s post we will show you how we styled our basic old tee with some simple accessorizing to create a new look!.
His style : I am using my basic white t-shirt that is full sleeved with a round neck from Westside.
Her style : I am using my basic striped t-shirt that is half sleeved with a round neck that is from Maxfashion.
Look 1 : His : Accessorizing with a long chain and a pair of trendy glasses and sleeves pulled down to the wrist.
Look 1 : Her : Wearing a tank top inside with the sleeve pulled down to one side and a chain to go along with.
Look 2 : His : Wearing a black cardigan over the shoulder with a silver zipper detail, and a pair of classy gold spectacles.
Look 2 : Her : The top is tied up at the waist with a black tank slipped under it and a black belt and a pair of sunglasses.
Look 3 : His : One of the sleeve is pulled up above the elbow and a scarf is tied around the arm as if a cuff detail over the edge.
Look 3 : Her : Crossing the sides of the top to either side, by creating an illusion of stripes, accessorizing with a choker.
Look 4 : His : Pulling my sleeves up to my arms, pairing it along with a pair of glasses and a satin black tie and a watch to create a nerdy look.
Look 4 : Her : Taking a fabric belt and tied along the empire line to create a classy look, and accessorized along with a pearl necklace and a classy braid.
Look 5 : His : Accessorizing my look with a chain and a scarf spontaneously wrapped along then neck and draped strategically.
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