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The French debonaire

Strolling down the streets of the french colony, feeling calm and peaceful. 
I felt nostalgic to the white streets, the quiet breeze and something felt familiar. I am dressed in whites, in my printed polo shirt and navy chino shorts from maxfashionmen, accessorizing in a casual hat and a pair of glasses along with my travel bag.
The French are known for their debonair and groomed self, it inspires me to dress in a sophisticated manner to fit into the english dapper, but bringing to it my own aesthetic and style sense.


With a white on white story, and a hint of blue shades this post revolves around a camouflage effect bringing together a few touches from the French colony- Promenade.
My heart may belong to the western style of dressing but my soul brings me to my origins, The Gandhi statue was such a breathtaking beauty, and the surrounding of the promenade brought together the perfect composition. Humble and dapper, my journey goes on.
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