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The ‘shoe closet’ every guy needs!

A few pairs of shoes every guy must have in his closet!

Footwear is just as important as your outfit. Every outfit and look demands a particular type of footwear. And on today’s post I will talk about six basic shoes that can go with every type of outfit in your wardrobe. The kind of footwear one wears tells a lot about the person. Grooming yourself, from head to toe, includes wearing good pair of shoes as well that suits the outfit and occasion.

Kolhapuri’s :

dsc_0392Kolhapuri chappals can be worn  for a casual or a grand event depending on the type. I am wearing these simple kolhapuris that suit well over a casual outfit. And perfect to be worn on a day to day basis. As they are comfortable with a simple design. BRAND : Bata

Canvas shoes:

dsc_0375Canvas shoes are popularly known for their stylish yet casual appearance. If styled right it can be worn with any type of outfit!. Popular among the bloggers, this type of shoe can be playful yet trendy. With a wide range of styles and looks. BRAND : Bata


dsc_0439Moccasins or popularly known as loafers, are another pair of shoes that are perfect even for a casual or a formal event based on the design and type. They are comfortable and yet have a very sophisticated look, that are perfect for a semi formal outfit!. BRAND : Maxfashion

Brogues :

dsc_0487These pair of dual tone brogues are suitable for semi formal and formal wear both. They have a trendy design. Even though classic brogues are not dual tone. You can wear these as a variation. BRAND : flipkart

Monk straps:

dsc_0417Worn popularly for a formal event. These shoes have a signature detail straps that can be told by the name. These shoes have a subtle detail but it is so elegant that is perfect for an important event. BRAND : amazon

Oxford shoes :

dsc_0509-1The ultimate choice for a formal and a grand event. These shoes can never go wrong, the clean cut design and classic style can steal the spotlight. Can be suitable for official and party events as well. These shoes will be the highlight! BRAND : flipkart
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