Women's fashion

The laced exotics

Be bold, be confident, be your ownself

Feeling confident in your own skin, will bring out your poise and a positive attitude. Today’s post I am wearing this gorgeous lace top, and it’s my current wardrobe favorite!. I have styled this elegant beauty with a bold pair of ripped denims and a neck choker.
Who’s to say what fashion truely is?, with the word alone having so many definitions. It is not about copying a trend you have seen in a magazine. It is about creating a look, putting together elements that might or might not gel well, but you will know only after you try!
Lace and ripped, a combination that I have experimented with. Explore your options and put together looks that are striking. I am wearing loafers with a wedge with the outfit, yet another element that is mixed into it, and a tan clutch.
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