men's fashion

Friday work-days

“The best investment you will ever make is in Yourself”

The weekend is so near, yet another busy weekday as usual, but I am dressed in my classic white shirt and nude blazer, constructed and designed by The mean-team, the look is complete with my pair of monk straps, and my all time favorite bag.


White is a classic choice for a shirt, it is flawless and gives a very graceful look to the whole attire, chose the environment friendly mode of transport to your near destinations, so while you dress like a gentleman, you can make your every decision that reflects it.
Work can be so hectic, but that does not stop me from dressing and grooming myself to impress. When I dress well I feel more confident within myself. We all have our pressures, from work, to personal life, and other reasons, but what we must remember is to always maintain our composure.
And what better to maintain a weekday, is by putting together a look that is just perfect to bid goodbye to the week and welcome the weekend on its way! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!, and don’t forget to dress to impress!

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