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A Wanderer’s Journal

“The Journey of a Thousand miles begins with a single step”


With a gentle breeze in the air, a cloudy day it was, when I decided to make my first move. Life is a journey, and you must move forward even if it means you are the solitary passenger. The journey isn’t so much about finding something outside, but finding something precious inside of you.



There are two shades to any color, just like morning and night, there will be good and bad, but that never stopped me from taking a step ahead, because unless you see for yourself what is on the other side, you will only be able to assume what could have happened.


I always believe ” Everything happens for the Greater good ” And your journey is molded exactly the way it was supposed to go, and sometimes when you feel lost, or you don’t know where it may land you, you might just like where you’ve ended up. The beautiful journey ahead can only begin when you let go of your yesterday.


The destination was only a goal, a far fetched aim, but the thing that really counts, and will give you stories to share, is your journey. And the only Impossible journey is the one you fear to ever take. And to be honest, there will always be people who bring you down, and your confidence may fall, but always prioritize what matters more to you.

Everyone has their own path to take, their independent journey to take, and with no comparisons as to who is ahead of you or behind you. ” You are not more advance or less enlightened “. We all have our own trains to catch, that reach the stop where you need to go and at your own pace.


A mixture of moods and challenges that we face each day, our journey began the moment we decided to make the first step, and since after, never turn back, because you are doing just fine, so just hold on. Everyday of life is a journey, and take your heart where it rightfully belongs, and walk the path, even as a solitary passenger.




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