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Dapper in Handloom

“Minimalism is the ultimate form of sophistication in simplicity”


Style & handlooms are two vast theories when combined can create a magical bond. Fashion is a wide concept and it keeps growing by the day. It has no restrictions and boundaries and you can let your imagination run into different directions. Handlooms have high scope and as a matter of pride, Indian handlooms stand apart and with fashion as another feature added to these, they will shine bright.


Fashion frontiers in India, such as top designers, stylists and also fashion bloggers are now in the trend to promote Handloom in fashion, and this in turn influences fashion followers to appreciate the trend and follow it. Handlooms have a vast scope and they can only grow more with the help of fashion. This way it becomes more versatile.


Initially handlooms were restricted only to ethnic wear for various reasons, one being artisans feared the art form would lose it’s value & essence. However that factor only proved wrong, as with handlooms merging with modern interpretations, it is more adaptable to the western mind.

The essence of handlooms with a modern fashion ideology and silhouette only accentuates and appreciates the pure form of art put together by talented artisans. This factor also helps in the growth of textiles and handlooms that were slowly perishing.


Young minds today are eager to bring back lost trends and to highlight classics that need to be appreciated more. As a Fashion influencer I support the Handloom trend, and it makes me feel connected to my personality as well as gives me a positive vibe which in turn adds a confidence to my attire


Fashioning the weave and trending the Handlooms, modernizing these beautiful weaves. India is transforming the western Fashion with a Handloom edge.




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