Rustic Splendor ft. WEAVERS SOUL

“In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic”


Today’s post is in collaboration with Weavers soul. This beautiful outfit is one from the latest collection that was recently out!, the Ikat inspired collection is another addition to our Handloom collabs! Our  love and support for handloom will be ever-lasting. The look is accessorized with some classic jewellery and a grey mini bag that is combined with metallic pumps.


Stay humble in everything you do, because there is a tender beauty to modesty, and never feel superior to another, because we were all created to achieve something different. No matter what others say or do, don’t let them dull your spirit, always shine like you are the brightest star out there.


Add a personal touch to everything you get inspired by, there is nothing wrong when you get inspired to remake a style, we all get inspiration from somewhere, but that style belongs to someone else, recreate the look with elements that represent you and only you, it will give the look a complete new outlook.

The Rustic essence appeals to us as something familiar, as it reminds of a simpler time. Don’t remain as a fad, fight to become a classic, arrive only to stay. Accept yourself the way you are, appreciate your body and stop body shaming. There is a reason you were created this way, own it and rule it.


Fashion is a language that connects people, and style is what you do with a particular fashion to add your own mix to it. Bring fashion to connect to your roots, a rustic palette shines through with simplicity and a luminous feature. Style is something that brings out something unique to every fashion trend.

There are no rules and restrictions when it comes to fashion, what is criticized today is a trend tomorrow. Own it like you are the boss of your own trend, and confidence is key to rock any look. The joy of dressing is an art, and there is no restriction to what you want to explore. Forget about what the rules are, you wear it if you like it!


View more from the collection at Weavers soul




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