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Flicker of shadow|light

“Dressing is a way of life, creating concepts of style like memories”

Today’s outfit is inspired by the subtle contrasting of light and dark in fashion. Fashion is a tricky subject, and manipulating trends to suit your style can be a task. But merging elements into contrasts can create an interesting palette.
| Outfit : Featuring | Vans : Plaid Shirt, Koovs : Oxford Footwear, Lenskart : Eyewear |
If its a harsh contrast it might be too bold to not suit every personality. No matter how versatile fashion is, there is something that is specific to each individual. A subtle contrast can be created by adding elements to the tones of contrast, such as ombre with checks.
Winter has already vanished, and the heat is striking in, with the over exposure outdoors and the dramatic play of shadows we have created together a look that quiet well describes the weather and the lighting creates a contrast that has been depicted in the ensemble.


A subtle contrast is created with the blend of color added to tones of blacks and whites. Instead of keeping a flat contrast, the ombre and the slight color adds to the palette in a much graceful yet however in a stylish manner. The look is further accessorized with clear glasses and a grey hat.
I hope you liked the look, stay tuned to more of our styling and collaborations featuring brands. Until next time. Keep it stylish, Keep it mean.
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