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Chic in Ivory ft. TRITIYA

“Classics in fashion are made to fit a look that is naturally effortless”


White is a classic shade, an achromatic with no hues, but it is the most beloved palette when it comes to something classic. Today’s post is in collaboration with the lovely Tritiya Designs, featuring their latest collection filled with ivory and pearl off whites. The look is fun yet comfortable, if you are planning to go for a casual date this is the perfect look for you.

This casual ensemble styled by us comprises of quirky yet modern doodles, the comfy fabric is flex cotton, with detailing in machine embroidery with customized doodles. The look is fun yet perfect for a preppy mood. With the summer here, the outfit is breathable and what better than white for the summers.

Coming to the second look, it is a more occasional ensemble that can work perfect if you want to attend an event but not make your outfit too dressy. The look comprises of a pleated chiffon skirt teamed with a Kora blouse with pearl detailed embroidery, with the alabaster and eggshell combination of hues it brings out a vibrant side.

The skirt is made for those who love to twirl in those soft pleats creating a perfect fall as it twirls. The look can be carried for any occasion, and it is elegant for a morning event or a night. Something about achromatic such as white that gives a warm vibe, teaming the pearly white blouse with the earthy beige gives a good tint to the look.


A simple look goes a long way, as it creates a significant impact. These looks are detailed but yet simple in their own way, and aesthetically graceful. Team the looks with some trendy jewellery and accessorize it to fit your personal style statement.

That is the end to the look!, we hope you like how it is styled and make sure to check out other posts for a different concept each time. Stay tuned for more looks this season with the mean wardrobe, stay stylish stay mean.





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