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The Shopping Guide!

While shopping, sometimes we all may get carried away, and buy something that we may later regret, or never use. Here are some tips to shop right, and smartly. There are a certain set of points to keep in mind before buying any product.

Every shopping store or mall, has special lightings or attractive displays that tempt us to buy something even if we do not need it. To avoid unnecessary shopping or getting the wrong product for you, here are some keynotes.

  • Understanding your body type! : We must acknowledge that some of us are naturally skinny while some of us may be naturally curvy, some may be short while some are tall. It is important to chose any pattern or silhouette that caters to our respective figure type.
  • Complexion : The Indian complexion ranges from Fair to Wheatish to Dusky. It is important to feel confident in your own skin tone and chose colors that accentuate it.
  • Age & Personality : This factor plays an important role to your wardrobe before you buy something. It is important to dress appropriately according to your age and personality, we all possess different characteristics, and its important to wear something that describes your personality.
  • The right brand : We all have an aesthetic sense. And each brand offers their own aesthetic sense. So it is helpful to find few brands that match your aesthetics, and follow their latest trends, so every time you shop, you do not need to look around for the right clothes in the right brand, as then you will know where to find it.
  • Is it worth it? : The final step is to ask yourself, if this is the right product for you. To check if the price is reasonable and justifiable, you need to check the quality, finishing and fabric. Once these check out to your liking, you can buy the product confidently.

Fashion is a huge platform with a number of styles, but just one cannot follow all those trends, you will get lost among the tides. You have to find your own personal trends, which speaks for you. Sounds complicated? It is actually pretty simple, once you put this in practise, you will start loving your wardrobe, no section of clothes that you hesitate to wear. There is no section of clothes that you absolutely do not use. There exists the section in which you have put in thought and strategy.

There you go!! Follow these simple tips to shop better, and help you know yourself better. We all have an identity but we end up losing ourselves with the temptations of brands. It only makes sense to find what you really need, not what you want. Be your own style icon. I hope you have enjoyed this article!




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