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The ‘Comfort’ Quotient ft. NORDLICH

“May your clothes be comfy, your coffee be strong and, your Monday be short”


Today’s post is in collaboration with the most comfortable clothing line for sleepwear and comfort wear, i.e. Nordlich. Their vision is not only to create clothing but to create a comfortable bonding with the wearer in their every stride of life in context to lifestyle, travel, and relationships.

My outfit comprises of comfy checkered pajamas teamed with a solid black tee. It is okay to give yourself a break sometimes, to relax and not be bothered about being too dressy. The look is perfect for a lazy weekend when you want to sit back, read, have a cup of hot coffee while giving yourself a pamper with comfy clothes!


As a bachelor, living by myself, my days get pretty busy, starting from work to gym, shoots and cooking too, and days such as these are a pampering session for me. I would often stay in my comfy clothes while I finish my chores and sit on my laptop to check up on work.


Comfortable clothing is not only good for your body but also to keep your mind fresh, it also relaxes your mind and keeps it away from stress regarding to discomfort. When your body is happy so is your mind. Taking a break from my daily routine of dress up deserves a weekend break when I am comfortable all day!

While shopping for comfortable clothing, you can also chose from a variety of prints and looks to chose from that can be fun to team up with layers. And the fun part of ‘Nordjammies’ is that they are perfect to sleep in, as they believe that sleep solves everything!!


I hope you have enjoyed this post! and my message would be relax yourself from dressing up everyday and take a break and put on a pair of comfy jammies and relax! But until next post. Goodbye!

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