Women's fashion

Summer shades

“Be a girl with mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class”


This summer is filled with fun trends, and every wardrobe now consists of a staple off shoulder blouse. Today’s post is an ensemble for the summer with a off shoulder top teamed with a striped trouser and heels. A mix up with this season’s hot trends, create your own individual look!


And another hot trend is the choker neck-piece, it accentuates a longer neck and further gives a highlight to your collar bone. Apart from that I have also accessorized with a men’s watch and my staple bracelet with the look. The shades go perfectly with my dusky skin tone!


Having an insecurity about our looks is common for anyone, however when you start feeling good in your own skin, you will love how you look in anything you wear. When I was initially nervous to try brown, or mustard shades, now this is one of my favorites in my wardrobe and I love how it accentuates my shade.


Confidence is key, and I stress on this often, if you have the confidence to rock any look, then no insecurity can every peep in. The striped trouser is semi formal but in a way kinda works with the look!, it creates a more contemporary mixed with vintage look!. and not to mention this look made me feel absolutely comfortable!


With a world full of rule books, break them and set yourself free!, You only live once, so why worry about what someone else has to say? work it like you own it and don’t give a damn. This look reflects a free, and confident attire with a mix of different trends that work together.


Experimenting with new looks is not just fun but also gives you a sort of confidence that trains your mind to make more bold decisions. I hope you liked the look, if you did please stay tuned for more! Until then stay stylish stay mean.




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