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Summertime Radness

” The secret to great style is to feel good in what you wear”


The summer heat has gotten all of us stressed! But no worries even in this scorching heat you can manage a trendy look and also that keeps you cool too! Stay tuned for a few tips on how to stay stylish even when the weather has kept you stressed out.


The look comprises of mostly pastel shades and light colors, mainly a functional feature as dark colors tend to attract more heat, so while keeping it stylish make sure to wear lighter shades to avoid being spotted by the sun! And a hat is the perfect accessory for a sunny day!


If you are missing out on beloved layers that we enjoy styling such as jackets, scarves and coats then not to worry, because in summers you can always replace layers to accessories!, and they work just as well. So grab those accessories and create interesting looks by merging pieces together


The entire ensemble comprises of a half sleeved gray shirt teamed with a pair of staple denims that are ankle grazers and my accessories include wristbands, beaded neck piece, a hat, sunglasses and to complete the look with the perfect pair of white sneakers.


The look is very casual but also can be a formal look if the denims and shoes are swapped to a more formal style. The colors work perfectly for a cooler tone and also make sure to wear comfortable and breathable clothing during warm and humid weather conditions!


There are various looks for a stylish ensemble for the summer, however this look passes for a more casual-semi formal attire, but can be altered accordingly for a different occasion or need. And until next time, keep it stylish, keep it mean!




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