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La Street Couture ft. MISSAMORE

“Live Boldly, Your vibe attracts your Tribe”


Women have been underestimated for a long time now, but as the tables have turned and now we fight back, there is no force more powerful than a determined woman. You are just as strong as your confidence can be. And take your confidence to the next level and prove that you are not afraid of trying to reach where you want to be.


Today’s post is in collaboration with the wonderful Missamore, the ensemble comprises of an off-shoulder top with a collar detail, teamed along with a side slit body-con skirt. The outfit perfectly describes a woman, confident and bold, who is not afraid to be herself. And who says there is anything wrong with a little bit of pink?


There will always be people judging your every move, but don’t let yourself be distracted from your goal. Because you need to chase your dreams, even if it is in your sky high heels! There is no room for hate for those who know what they want in life. So wear your confidence high and don’t let it shed for anyone out there.

Deep inside we sometimes tend to envy what others have that you don’t, is it their flawless beauty?, their quick wit? or their perfection in everything they do. But just try to look at yourself from someone else’s eyes. You will have much more than someone else, and with this jealousy, you are only doubting your own capability. So drain out the negativity and acknowledge how special you really are.

Why would you rather be anyone else when you get to be you? Before lowering your self esteem, question yourself? What is wrong with you?, can you come up with a reasonable answer? Beauty fades, your mind can be trained, the only thing you will have forever is your personality. There is a bold person inside our outer shell, that is fighting to rise up if only you gave it a chance.


If you could just stop wandering and find the real you, nobody can stop you from living to the fullest. Through every stepping stone, you learn, you grow. With a life full of surprises, you never know which lane you pick, instead of forcing yourself to chose a direction, let things run their flow and let yourself be free.


I hope you have enjoyed the post, so go ahead and be the best version of you. Stay tuned for more summer madness and concepts! Until then stay stylish, stay mean.




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