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Detox plan ft. CLEANSE HIGH


We could all use a good detox plan for the weekend. Thanks to the hectic schedules in our lives we barely pay much attention to what we eat and drink. This fills your body with harmful toxins and might cause discomfort and negative impacts. Read on to find out how I spent my weekend detoxing my body in collaboration with Cleanse High!


Before getting onto the regime you need to pre-cleanse your body. You can start the prep a day ahead and start afresh. Cleansing is a rejuvenating experience and you are on your way to feel brand new! Here are a few tips to keep in mind before getting onto your detoxification.

To keep your body feeling good during the detox :

  • You need to rest and relax and plan for a less productive day!
  • Keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water between the detox beverages.
  • You may practice yoga or simple exercises during the detox plan.


The detox plan comprises of a full day routine of 8 beverages including various flavors filled with health benefits. The day of the detox, you will follow the recommended procedure given in the booklet. Which specifies which beverage is to be taken when. Few of the beverages can be heated and some need to remain refrigerated. The routine begins from 7:30 am and goes on to 8:00 pm, Between which the juices are to be consumed with a gap of 2 hrs followed by water.

P.S You can also cheat your diet plan with a few nutritious foods such as eggs, nuts or green veggies.


So I began my routine by preparing myself the previous day for a detoxification the next day. The flavors were absolutely delicious and felt refreshing! To enhance my detoxification I also performed certain yoga postures to help balance my routine. It is quite simple yet has a powerful impact!. I kept my day light and concentrated on the regime. I kept a few foods just in case I was hungry, such as almonds, cucumbers and grapes.


Post the detoxification, I felt very refreshing and I could feel the toxins flushed out of my body. This healthy approach will make a difference to your health. With better health comes good energy! And post my regime I moved on to the next day feeling energized and fresh! I would recommend all you guys to take this challenge and try on a full-day detox, which will leave you feeling rejuvenated and cleansed!




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