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Metallic neutrals ft. ROSSOYUKI

“Dress like how you want to Addressed, the joy of dressing is an art”


Metallics are in this season, and when teamed with neutral tones its a perfect match! Today’s post is in collaboration with Rossoyuki, featuring this gorgeous clutch with embroidered metallic shade leaves. The gold, silver and rose gold go perfectly with black.


I have teamed the look with a classic grey-knit racer back crop top by Forever21 with a pair of stone wash denim. The colors are neutral with highlights of metallic tints. And the choker+ bracelets add to the look in a subtle but significant way.

You can try this look for a casual but trendy summer morning. It is comfortable and sporty but with a ladylike elegance. The colors also give a very modern vibe, with metallic and grey undertones. And with a little bit of accessorizing that goes a long way you can totally rock a basic look.


My look is all about how you can make a comfy and simple look trendy and all about you! This ensemble screams my style but it is Oh so comfy and not once did I feel out of place. When you feel comfortable in any look then you can rock it like its nobody’s business! So go ahead and explore your basics and turn them into something else.


Don’t just talk the talk, you have got to walk the walk. If you believe in a look that would work then go ahead and do it! What are you waiting for? Your wardrobe is your palette of colors, chose styles and shades and just mix and match as you would like and please!

I hope you liked this outfit! Stay tuned for more summer looks. Until then keep it stylish, keep it mean! What looks have you put together this season, make sure to catalogue your summer story because every look has a concept behind it.

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