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Top 5 Bridal Beauty trends of 2017

The wedding season is around the corner and one thing that comes to mind is a gorgeous bride. Weddings are a magical time, especially here in India. The Bride is adorned with beautiful jewels and all dolled up in the best makeup and hairstyle! It’s her special day and why compromise? It’s the one day she gets to feel like a real princess decked in her stunning outfit. But becoming a “dulhan” is not all that easy! It goes from choosing the right makeup artist, a perfect lehenga or saree, to the right jewelry! But we are here to bring to you the top bridal makeup and hair trends of 2017. Read on to know more.

#1 Striking Features :
Bold and sexy looks is the hottest trend this season. It’s all about accentuating your features to bring it out. With bold shimmery eye shadow adorned under dark and filled eyebrows. And not to forget extra long curled lashes. Your eyes will never look more beautiful! and line and paint those lips with a rich pigment to showcase those luscious lips. To top it off with highlighter on point! Get those gorgeous cheekbones and sharp nose over a glowy dewy face.

#2 Romantic curls : 
Getting the perfect wedding hair is always a tough one. Its always about getting the tidy, sleek and well set hair. But now the trend of natural hair is catching on. Women are letting their natural curls take charge and accentuate it further. It can create a dramatic look with a beautiful up-do with tendrils of curls falling down in a proper yet effortless way, while accentuating your jewelry.

#3 Pastel Beauties :
Yes, the classic wedding colors are usually reds, oranges, yellows and a bit of green. So makeup remained to warm bright colors. But now its more versatile with the wedding palette. Brides are experimenting with lighter colors. Makeup has gotten more subtle and this time the bold lip is in a nude or a beige with a silvery shimmer. The pastel lehengas are enhanced with a suitable light makeup. That gives more prominence to a shimmery fairy bride look!

#4 Floral Braids :
Another popular trend of the season is the Floral Braid, it displays gorgeous long locks adorned with flowers along with jewels. It creates a very natural and beautiful look for the bride. When it comes to an Indian wedding, flowers play a pivotal role and adding flowers to the hair in different fashions can bring a fresh new look. With an intricate braid and curls and flowers added with a bit of jewels can create a simple yet gorgeous hairstyle.

#5 Focus on Eyes :
They say the eyes are windows to your soul. And on a bride’s wedding, she may be silent but her eyes express so much. So why not bring the central focus to those stunning eyes. Makeup artists are now concentrating on the eyes and leaving the lips nude. The bold lip is a trend but leaving it in a subtle shade brings more attention to the eyes. Even jewels can accentuate the shimmer in the eyes. Overdo the dramatic eye with winged eye liner and dark eyes and not to forget shimmery eye shadow and fake lashes.

These are the top 5 trends for weddings, and if you are planning on a wedding this season you must check off these in the list and let me know if I missed out on any other trend! You can find the perfect makeup artist to doll you up on your special day. Have a look on more makeup ideas here.

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