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Sailor Style ft. SCULLERS

“A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skillful Sailor”


Life is like the sea, there may be a storm along the way, but if you hold on you can survive. Adjusting the sails and running through tough storms to come out alive is the true essence of a Sailor’s life. Today’s Outfit is inspired by a nautical vibe! Featuring this classic sailor tee by Scullers


Dress up every morning, and be thankful for the bright sun shining on you. And let your outfit carry a meaning. Style every look with confidence like the strength of your anchors. And prepare for the adventure that awaits before you.

The Neutral palette appeals to me. With the pastel blues and beige and bright tints, the sun shines bright over my sailor palette! Life provides the wind needed to sail, even if it is rough or smooth, that is for us to determine.

The Rustic palettes and neutral tones bring out an earthy essence. So style your outfit with an inspiration and you will love to style your look! I hope You liked this look and stay tuned for more styles! Until then keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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