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Classy but Sassy! ft. H&M

“Fashion can be bought, but one must possess style”


Yes! we have been hearing since forever that life is too short to wear boring clothes! But what is the point if you cannot rock a stylish number? It’s all about your attitude. Fashion without depth is just going to end up as decoration! Okay now with all that aside here’s one trendy number coming up for you featuring H&M.


The look is pretty simple, I have teamed this lacey baby pink blouse with a pair of classic blue denim. I was keeping the look bare minimal so you won’t find any accessories on me, except for my shoes! I have done a very dewy look for my face, with bronzer and a color pop on my lips as my outfit is simple. Now for the shoes!


Okay so these trendy two are the highlight of my outfit. They are super chic and the color is perfect for my outfit. Its a tan beige in suede and strappy tassels along the tie up! so my point is, don’t bring in too many ‘it’ elements into your outfit. I believe if there is one thing you aim to highlight, tone down the rest and things will fall into place.


That’s my entire look along with these fabulous platforms. Fashion is not that difficult to get! but how you wear it depends on your own style statement. I have tied my hair back and left my curly tendrils just graze around my shoulders.

Fashion is like a language, you must learn how to speak it right! No look should go out there purposeless. You need confidence along with style to rock any outfit. It’s your wardrobe and its like an open palette of colors and you can paint your own look everyday!


So that’s about the look very chic and simple for a casual friday!! Have yourself a lovely weekend and don’t forget to keep it stylish, keep it mean! Until next time.

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