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My Personal Stylist ft. Krate Box

“Fashion is just a trend, but Style lives within you!” IMG_8996

I have recently had the opportunity to curate my personalized look with the help of @krateclothing The krate subscription box gives you the opportunity to decode your own fashion with customized measurements and preferences.

Well here is the revelation, my look. This was what was decoded of my style sense. And just as I like it, it included neutral shades and had a rustic element to it, and of course I would team it with beige or brown essentials.


So this was my first look, A cotton blend grey formal shirt, which I teamed with a pair of classic zara checkered trousers and black semi formal shoes. It was the perfect look for a buzzing weekday, or a long day at work.

It looked great when tucked in and out, and the sleeves were pulled up to expose the contrasting back side of the fabric. I went for this look on a Monday to work and I was bombarded with compliments.


My next look was more of a business casual, a polo navy blue shirt, which I teamed with a pair of reversible formal trousers and a hat to accessorize with it. My browns and rustic palettes were just perfectly complemented by the look.

The look screams for a semi formal Friday look of even for a formal outing on a hot day. It fits my personality well and suits my style. What did you think of these looks? and does it do justice to my personal style? let me know in the comments below.

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