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Shades of Bold & Beautiful

” A Rebel at heart, A boss lady knows how to Hustle until the Hater’s stop “

If you thought 50 shades of grey was hot, then you ought to look at this. Wait, before you start assuming, its just a look I put together, inspired by A boss lady, in Grey. I have put together this Casual-formal look, that works perfectly for any occasion if your confidence can live up to it!


Its been Ages now with the men making rules, and women rolling with it, but its about time the tables have turned. Women everywhere are confident entrepreneurs taking over this male-dominated world. And before you Know it, Who run the world? Girls. This look is perfect for a boss lady with a trendy side.

Who am I? well, I believe I am a funny, quirky, smart, and passionate woman, who does not stop for the world. “We weren’t born to create excuses, we were born to create excellence.” “A woman with vision is unstoppable, a woman who is always increasing her skills multiplies. Along with passion, this woman is undeniable.”


Damn Right, as women, we have it all, we are strong but sensitive, bold but tender, Beautiful but aggressive. And with the blend of confidence and a burning passion towards what we aim, there is nothing that can stop us. Now is the Time when we stand shoulder to shoulder with men and compete on every path.


My look reflects my personal style and is my current fav ensemble. As it is just the right blend of sexy and classy. The tee with the skinny denim brings a casual note, while the blazer and the strappy heels reflect a sexy woman who knows what she is here to do, and she is here to achieve it.

While there are varied shades that people show, as a woman we show a bundle of them too. Our shades include beauty, pride, confidence, sexuality, perseverance, and what not. In this post, my ensemble comprises of shades of Grey and neutrals, with a black contrast. And put together with a rebel attitude.


Every day we conquer the world with our beauty and ongoing boldness. We are invincible and our fire can never be put out. Women are resilient and strong and caring and kind and determined and awesome. Seriously! Remind yourself of that for a moment! I hope you enjoyed this post! And until next time, stay stylish, stay mean.

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