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What’s In Her Bag – Everyday Essentials 2017

“A woman’s bag is a mystery, she keeps everything she needs and more, just in case!”


My bag has everything I need and makes no excuse for missing out something that is essential to me. Beware this post would contain much pink stuff! And no regrets, I frankly adore collecting everything that is pink as it brings a child-like happiness to me, so let’s get to it! Here are a few of my everyday essentials.

  1. Pocket Makeup Palette


You never know when you have to go somewhere and need a quick makeup touch up, so here goes my favourite makeup palette currently which includes eyeshadow + lipstick + blush + gloss. So I keep this palette in my purse, wherever I go, and it is quite handy in case I need a quick makeup fix. And its sleek and fits comfortably.

 2.  Refreshing Face Masks


Throughout the day, you go through a lot of exhaustion and it shows on your face. To avoid that I keep with myself a couple of facemasks that I can put on anytime and cleanse my skin. It gives me a refreshing feel and takes away any tiredness from my face and leaves behind a natural glow.

3. A Trendy sleek Wallet


Now a girl’s got to carry her cash, doesn’t she! So I always keep a mini wallet in my purse that carries my cards and some liquid cash. I would not like someone else paying for me, so this baby goes along everywhere I go.

4. My Netbook/Ipad and A magazine


Being a fashion student, I always keep a fashion magazine along with me to keep updated with the latest trends and gossip! And if I can I carry my netbook or laptop along in my bag, if I need to get any work done, or just check up on my blog.

5. Perfume to always Smell Great


I am one who despises foul smells, so Its a must rule for me to always smell pleasant. So I carry this little baby with me everywhere I go. And it leaves behind a romantic aura around wherever I visit. And especially when I have to meet someone, I make sure to smell great so that I am always remembered.

6. A Romantic Novel


As most women, I am a romance junkie, so I always keep a romantic novel, preferably a mills &boon classic novel in my purse. So everytime I need to stop by somewhere, wait for someone, or I am in a boring situation, I pull my book out for a quick read and to pass my time.

7. A Notebook and a pair of Glasses


Say if you must, I am a nerdy girl, so I need to carry my glasses around, and a notebook in case I need to make any important notes. Now if I am going to keep a notebook, it is going to be something unique and special to suit my aesthetic, hence this engraved notebook.

These are just a few must-have’s in my bag, or in other words my everyday essentials. Let me know what your essentials are? and if you like this post and what specifically do you feel the same about! Until next time. Keep it stylish, keep it mean

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