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Woven Finesse ft. INDIAN PEACOCK

“The right notes of Sophistication and Elegance remains in these dapper handloom shirts”


The best part about these shirts by Indian Peacock is that they are structured fit apparels are made with subtle design detail and workmanship to make you look dapper at all times. So here are 4 looks that I absolutely loved! And I styled them in my own way to bring about a western fusion together with it.


Look 1 : Let’s start with this Ivory shirt with a Blue highlight. I teamed it with a pair of pleated black trousers and a fedora hat to go with the look. The shirt has a minimalist aura, this ivory-blue Ikat pattern shirt is a perfect casual essential. I’ve kept the look mostly monochromatic with a touch of royal blue.


Look 2 : This next look is my top most favourite one! Now just like me most of you would love a Black-on-Black look. SO here you go, the next look is this black Ikat shirt that I teamed with a pair of slim fit black joggers. To create a casual-heritage look. This classic black shirt is a perfect fit and style to compliment my figure.


Look 3 : This next look I styled is perfect for those who love a colour pop! The subtle solids are fashionably sharp. And I teamed it with a pair of red trousers to give it a bit of colour. The look creates an effortlessly stylish statement with details that stand out in a subtle way and can work well for any occasion.


Look 4 : Here is another elegant aesthetically beautiful shirt. with a subtle pastel tint. It is the current seasons must haves. I teamed the shirt with a pair of ripped green trousers. The print in itself creates a statement look that is brought along with a load of sophistication and style.

So what do you think of the looks? being an Ikat enthusiast myself, I love filling my wardrobe with these classic handloom shirts. Teaming these classic woven fabrics into a structured modern silhouette creates a dapper look that I cannot deny! So I hope you liked this blog post I have put together and look forward to more like these. Until then keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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