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La Vie En Rose – Life in Pink

Je Vous La Vie En Rose – Watching the World through Rose coloured Lenses


Literally translated, La Vie en Rose means looking at Life in Pink. The French way of saying looking at Life from a positive perspective, the brighter side of life. So here is a look that perfectly translates my mood. And How I adore the combination of neutrals and pastels with Magenta. Here is a look that romantically brings out the real ME


I am wearing this Magenta short Knit Dress by Forever 21 Along with these strappy black pumps and a black clutch embellished in metallics, and don’t miss out those trendy nerdy glasses that I teamed along with this look. And my makeup remains in shades of plum and my hair is left natural and messy.

No matter what new trends appear and how I style it, I always add a bit of me to it. And whatever occasion it is, my outfit will remain to be killer. I don’t just dress from the latest trends, for me, any new look needs to complement my aesthetic and carry my unique sense of style. Because there is no point to blindly follow trends unless it means something to you.


When you look through a pink-tinted glass, life seems happier, and more pleasant. That’s why you can see me often surround myself with things that are pink. But again with a major hint of my own personality. It may sound decorative, but that does not mean its superficial, its only decorated in a way that it enhances its true beauty.

I am a Romantic at heart, but also an independent confident woman. And the subtle delicacy of this dress teamed with these hints of strong black accessories indicates my nature perfectly. A little bit of class with a little bit of sass is what I am all about!


I love how this rich pink, deep magenta shade goes over my dusky complexion. These block heels contrast the look perfectly. The look is just right for an afternoon hangout with friends, and add a bit of bling can be added if you plan to go clubbing later. Let me know what you think of this look and comment if you have any suggestions. Until next time folks, keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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