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The Time is Now ft. Daniel Wellington

“Class is Timeless, It never goes out of Style”


Nothing like twinning with the best! Here’s to one of our recent collaborations, with the one and only, Daniel Wellington. We absolutely loved and enjoyed styling the look for this post, and we hope that you enjoy it too! It features both of us, so you can expect to be blown away by the MEAN team. Shot by Sidhant Dhirsamant

For her, I am wearing a striped Black Trouser, over a Black shirt, topped with a Blazer, and the star of my look is this sterling white with black dial DW classic. My makeup is kept to the classic tones, shades of brown and smudge of black for the eyes, and a deep ruby woo red for the lips. And for shoes, I wore a pair of classic boardroom shoes.

The 28mm classic fit for women is my favorite pick from the DW collection, as it fits quite well on my delicate wrists. The style is so tastefully created, and brings an instant grace to the outfit and to the wearer. Seems a bit much? Well I am serious, I wouldn’t team a classic look with any other accessory without thinking twice.


Let’s break before heading to the closer details for his look. This was our look together, and partner’s in crime truly, this look represents our brand, gender neutral fashion, and a balance between him and her, the expression of fashion that is seen by both.


For Him, I am wearing a classic Two piece suit, teamed with a white shirt, well hey, when we are talking about classics, how can we leave behind a white shirt? And with a pair of silver rimmed aviators, and to finish the look with a pair of classic brogues. This look is so me because, it reaches out to my inner gentleman.

What is a classic look? It’s style that lived through ages, and has always been considered to be in style. It makes you look your best, and gives you a boost of confidence instantly. It brings out your best features, and portrays your form with elegance and grace. There are many looks that are considered to be classic, but this is on the top of my list.


Together we are twinning! Always up for game as a team. When it comes to this look, I think what we love the most about it is how gender neutral it is. The look is perfect, prim and proper for him or her, and it shows a powerful look as a whole. Talk about empowering fashion, because This is IT. I hope you enjoyed the look! If you did give us a like and let us know, until next time, keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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