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Her Favorite Looks From 2017

“You Can Never Have Too Many Clothes In Your Wardrobe, So Keep Shopping”


So, 2017 was a good year, and I styled many looks that were my personal favorites and some experimented looks. These were looks I styled from winter last season and some through the second half of the year. Check out some of the top looks that I have collected for you and let me know what you think!


Starting with this one, I am styling a pair of classic blue skinny fit jeans with a grey and white striped tee. Over which I have layered up this classy blazer. And to top the whole look off with the highlight of my look, these strappy platform heels! There is only one accessory and that is this black men’s watch with a silver dial.


Next look that I would like to show you is this one featuring these rad pair of jeans from Aeropostale. With these cool patches, teamed with a lacy red blouse. Over which I layed a shimmery Grey cardigan. I have some bling going on with this look, even though I mostly avoid jewellery I have experimented with some for this look, what do you think?


One country girl looks coming right up. This is one playful look I loved the styling. It’s minimalistic with some nice details. I am wearing these classic blue denim with an off shoulder strappy top with some lace detailing, Then to top the look off with these classic brown boardroom shoes. I have left my hair natural with some base makeup.


Moving on to the next, another striped tank, with red and white stripes, over a pair of ankle-grazing dark blue faded jeans. I am wearing my favorite pair of sneakers with the look that is metallic in shade and completing the look with the striped pattern bag in grey and pink. And my hair is left messy with dewy makeup look.


Absolutely loved this look! I must say topping this list. This romantic but edgy look, starting with a ripped pair of denim, along with a Grey Tee, and layered with a light dusty pink cardigan. And for footwear, I have a pair of beige tie-up platforms. and finally with these nerdy glasses and rosey makeup. Tell me if you love this look!


Ever heard of a Pastel Quirky look? well, this is it! I am wearing a pair of light blue skinny fit denim, with a pastel pink top, and layering the look with this black and white patterned jacket. And then finishing up with these cute white sneakers. Not done yet, I have this adorable white with floral design clutch and these goofy round frames.


Finally, let’s top off with this look. Even though this was a look I styled early in 2018, I would still like to count it in this list. Again with a pair of ripped black jeans, I have this lacy white crop top. And for layering, I have this classic black blazer. Along with a metallic gold and silver choker. Then to top off the look with a pair of metallic rose gold wedges.

So these are some of my top looks!! what do think of these looks? And what looks would you like to see me try this year. Leave a comment below and don’t forget to hit a like. Until next time, keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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