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Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Meghna & Anudeep

The Mean Wardrobe, The expression, or Mean-ing of Fashion and Style

This blog caters to men’s and women’s fashion from the perspective of two passionate fashion graduates, that gives you some tips and interesting content with a range of topics. The name is an abbreviation further broken into me & an, that stands for Meghna & Anudeep, the co-founders of the website. The word Mean would stand for what Fashion “means” to us. Being a mode of expression and aesthetic personal to everyone

This blog was started with the aim to come across as personal lifestyle bloggers showcasing our own taste and aesthetic of fashion in our corner of the internet. We believe that everyone has their own sense of fashion and how they bring it to mean to their own personality. Read more about us here.

So keep tuned to catch our journey through fashion with our own wardrobes, as we ‘keep it stylish, keep it mean-ingful’

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– Meghna Govindaraju & Anudeep Baidya

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