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Her Favorite Looks From 2017

"You Can Never Have Too Many Clothes In Your Wardrobe, So Keep Shopping" So, 2017 was a good year, and I styled many looks that were my personal favorites and some experimented looks. These were looks I styled from winter last season and some through the second half of the year. Check out some of… Continue reading Her Favorite Looks From 2017

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#Date in Denim ft. VOI Jeans

"Denim is an Everyday Symbol of Style, You may say It's a Way of Life" V-DAY Edition And we are back again! this time with an exciting look for this Valentine's day. Photographed by Sidhant Dhir Samant. So, You may be wondering, why not reds? But why reds? why be something you are not for… Continue reading #Date in Denim ft. VOI Jeans

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Weekend Quirks ft. Nordlich

"Enjoy the Little Things in life, Hell, cheers to the Weekend" With how hectic life has gotten, we are constantly looking forward to the weekend aren't we? Well it's the time when you can just let loose and relax! So here's one more featuring this comfy night tee by Nordlich. Keep reading to know more… Continue reading Weekend Quirks ft. Nordlich

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The Formal-Casual Blend

"Apricity, The warmth of the Sun in Winter, like a comforting Embrace" Hey Guys! Here I am again with another striking look for you! This time with a twist, now that the winter is fading so beautifully into summers. This calls for a look that holds a winter aesthetic along with a warm summery embrace.… Continue reading The Formal-Casual Blend

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The Time is Now ft. Daniel Wellington

"Class is Timeless, It never goes out of Style" Nothing like twinning with the best! Here's to one of our recent collaborations, with the one and only, Daniel Wellington. We absolutely loved and enjoyed styling the look for this post, and we hope that you enjoy it too! It features both of us, so you… Continue reading The Time is Now ft. Daniel Wellington

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Shades of Bold & Beautiful

" A Rebel at heart, A boss lady knows how to Hustle until the Hater's stop " If you thought 50 shades of grey was hot, then you ought to look at this. Wait, before you start assuming, its just a look I put together, inspired by A boss lady, in Grey. I have put… Continue reading Shades of Bold & Beautiful

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‘His’ Everyday Essentials – Listed

" My must-haves help me keep my cool " We all have a few essentials that we just cannot do without. And so do I! These are things that I need in my day to day life. Whether you are a man or a woman or a child even, there are somethings that you need… Continue reading ‘His’ Everyday Essentials – Listed

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Classy but Sassy! ft. H&M

"Fashion can be bought, but one must possess style" Yes! we have been hearing since forever that life is too short to wear boring clothes! But what is the point if you cannot rock a stylish number? It's all about your attitude. Fashion without depth is just going to end up as decoration! Okay now… Continue reading Classy but Sassy! ft. H&M

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Sailor Style ft. SCULLERS

"A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skillful Sailor" Life is like the sea, there may be a storm along the way, but if you hold on you can survive. Adjusting the sails and running through tough storms to come out alive is the true essence of a Sailor's life. Today's Outfit is inspired by a… Continue reading Sailor Style ft. SCULLERS

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5 Things Every Guy Should Carry in His Gym Bag

Going to the Gym is incomplete without these few handy essentials! I am sure your gym bag already has a spare pair of keys, additional shorts, phone tucked neatly and a water bottle. But here are a few more essentials you are likely to miss out! 1. A Pair of Wireless Earphones : Nothing can… Continue reading 5 Things Every Guy Should Carry in His Gym Bag