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Woven Finesse ft. INDIAN PEACOCK

"The right notes of Sophistication and Elegance remains in these dapper handloom shirts" The best part about these shirts by Indian Peacock is that they are structured fit apparels are made with subtle design detail and workmanship to make you look dapper at all times. So here are 4 looks that I absolutely loved! And… Continue reading Woven Finesse ft. INDIAN PEACOCK

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Handloom Day ft. Sruthi Reddy

"Handlooms are not just yardages of fabrics, they are the Craft & Beauty of the Nation" On this wonderful occasion of Handloom Day, we celebrate and spread the joy of Indian Handlooms. I am wearing this graceful yarn dyed - hand woven Anarkali by Sruthi Reddy. These Yardages attain their beauty, woven stitch by stitch… Continue reading Handloom Day ft. Sruthi Reddy

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The Elegant Stitch ft. TRANSLATE

"Beautiful things come together, one stitch at a time" Handlooms are not just art, they are a bundle of efforts put together to create a beautiful fabric. Today's post is an overview of the latest collection by Ikat India, it shows how an elegant fabric can come together in a graceful yet simple silhouette. These… Continue reading The Elegant Stitch ft. TRANSLATE

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Chic in Ivory ft. TRITIYA

"Classics in fashion are made to fit a look that is naturally effortless" White is a classic shade, an achromatic with no hues, but it is the most beloved palette when it comes to something classic. Today's post is in collaboration with the lovely Tritiya Designs, featuring their latest collection filled with ivory and pearl off… Continue reading Chic in Ivory ft. TRITIYA


Rustic Splendor ft. WEAVERS SOUL

"In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic" Today's post is in collaboration with Weavers soul. This beautiful outfit is one from the latest collection that was recently out!, the Ikat inspired collection is another addition to our Handloom collabs! Our  love and support for handloom will be ever-lasting. The look is… Continue reading Rustic Splendor ft. WEAVERS SOUL

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Dapper in Handloom

"Minimalism is the ultimate form of sophistication in simplicity" Style & handlooms are two vast theories when combined can create a magical bond. Fashion is a wide concept and it keeps growing by the day. It has no restrictions and boundaries and you can let your imagination run into different directions. Handlooms have high scope… Continue reading Dapper in Handloom


Graceful weaves ft. LABEL 10

  "Elegance and Grace is the only true meaning to simplicity, and significance lies within such beauty" The beauty in Handlooms is within the simplicity in design and the artistic technique that goes behind the weaves that gives a beautiful end product. Today's post is in collaboration with Label10, we have put together an earthy story with… Continue reading Graceful weaves ft. LABEL 10