Anantgiri hills

Anantgiri Hills

A journey through Anantgiri hills, a short trip to get away from the noisy buzz of city life, lush greens and wet mud, a walking trail through the woods, bringing you fresh air and a change of scenario from your busy life. The weather was pleasant and breezy and the hills were beautiful, flowers and trees blossomed and aged old trees were magnificent .We walked on a path filled with greenery and relaxed among the hills glaring at the beauty surrounding us. Every corner of the woods had a story to tell, the grass was wild and the trees grew old, but something about it all felt nostalgic.
During our trip we witnessed a short drizzle that was so refreshing and enticing. The mystery among these woods, the silent rustle in the leaves, everything leaves a story behind it, the forest was filled with a number of spiders and moss around the trees were fresh and green, a beautiful stream of water running among these hills. There is no perfect location to enjoy yourself, but when you find a nice place, make sure you do not miss out on its beauty.
Have you ever been to a place where you felt like you belong?, These woods will lure you into its beauty and make you never want to leave, with a comfy outfit and backpack filled with basics, we spontaneously made a plan and hit the road, but the return trip was filled with nostalgia and gloominess to leave such a beautiful place. This destination is such a treat for all the nature lovers out there to take a break from the city with a doze of nature.
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