Hampi, Vijaynagara

The beauty that is, within the monuments and remains of the old Vijaynagara empire was a delightful visit, to Hampi! Captured a few memorable moments whilst the trip, hope you like it!
Within the chambers!
Walking through the ancient city, I wondered with awe at the life the people in the kingdom once had, it felt so royal and the work that went into the architecture was breathtaking, it felt sad that these beauties were broken partially and some shattered, by enemies of the kingdom.
The Royal Enclosure
Fact: The Royal enclosure was the nucleus of the capital city of Vijaynagara was the largest extant Enclosures in the Ancient city.
The carvings were so intricate and made with perfection that even to date, they remain the most beautiful structures I have seen so far, and to acknowledge they were made centuries ago.
Respect goes out to all those hard workers and the minds behind the beautiful outcome of this empire, known to be one of the royal kingdoms in India back in the day. Take a moment to visit the ruins of an old empire, it will fill your heart with pride.
Hazararama Temple
The monuments of the Hazara’Rama’ Temple
Fact: The walls and monuments around the temple capture strips and images conceptions of the hindu mythology, Ramayana. With a number of captures and panels of the scenes from Ramayana captured in stone. ‘Ramayana in stone’

Tungabadra river and Dam

We also made a quick visit to the Tungabadra dam, constructed across the Tungabadra river, that is a tributary of the Krishna river. The dam is located close to the town of Hospet which is nearby Hampi.
Make sure to check out my outfit of the day, I am styling with a an all dark blue combination with stonewashed denims.
Our next stop at Hampi was a museum of a few ancient artifacts and mouments from the ancient city of Vijaynagara. We got to see some beautiful monuments and miniature structures of the empire.


Walking through the chambers of the empire, built for the royal family of Vijaynagara, the sculptures and monuments are magnificent, a must visit if you are planning a trip around this area.
 While we were at the Ranga temple, Paraswanatha temple, we learned that even to this date, events and light shows happen here during Utsavs and other festivities during the year.
Our next stop was the Zanana enclosure, which is a structural complex with tall enclosure walls on four sides with entrances, also known as the treasury building. Notice the Indo- Islamic style of architecture,
The Lotus Mahal
The Vithala temple was our next stop, and it is represented as the highest watermark of the Vijaynagara style of art and architecture.
The Vithala temple
The architecture of Vithala temple is known to be the Krishna aspect of Lord Vishnu. It is also known popularly for the representation of the royal Radam, 100 pillared Mantapa.
The carved descriptions of Vishu depict Devaraya and his queens. It is one of the largest temples of that period, built under the patronage of Devaraya.
The final stop, was last but definitely not the least, The Virupaksha temple, which was built centuries ago is till date, functioning uninterrupted since the 7th century AD, dedicated to Lord Shiva and is renowed as the most sacred temples in Karnataka.
Virupaksha Temple
Now headed back, on our way back we will be visiting another beautiful place, stay tuned to check it out!. Hope you like this post, and I hope our travel blogs are getting better, make sure to check out our other travel blogs, and dont forget to like & comment.
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