Pondicherry Dairies

Day 1
The serene beauty in the scenario, the lush coconut trees, and waters so blue, our trip to the prior French colony in the state of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry. We wish to take you along on this journey, and hope to give you a good time!, stay tuned for more, for now let’s get on with ‘day 1’.


The first place we visited was The Auroville visitors centre, a peaceful place, with French inspired architecture, inspired by Sri Aurobindo, it is a part of the wider township of Auroville, filled with French cafe’s and stores that carry a hint of the prior colony.
Our first day was a sunny one!, the sun was up and bright, but who goes to a trip to hide from the sun?, we were more than excited to get that tan on with some sun minerals.
Walking through Auroville we came across corners that were so comfortable and calm, being the meditating centre of Aurobindo, the peace was here. After a while of walking around we sat at the cafeteria for a quick brunch!. Eating the ‘french way’.
Why not shop while you are here?, there were plenty of places to street shop as well as boutiques that will give you classy collections inspired from a western ideology.
Her outfit for the day was a black short chiffley dress, self-designed by ‘mean’, with blue peep-toes from maxfashion, along with a classy, ‘perfect for a trip’ sling bag with a fringe detail from baggit.
Now the next on our list was some good beach time!!, on our first day we visited, Soorya beach, bubbles beach, auro beach, all on the same stretch called the auro waters, the waters were blue like the sky, with sand filled with shells, the tides felt forceful and the sun was up in the clouds.
His outfit for the day was ‘camouflaging with the sea’, an all blue denim story, created with a stone wash denim from maxfashion, paired with a denim shirt from forever21men, and waterproof shoes from maxfashion.
End of the day, watching the sunset, on our ride back with our scooty! from hondaDIO, our ‘go to’ restuarant for the day was ‘popoye for dinner. Saying goodbye for now but will catch you tomorrow with a fresh start. Keep tuned for the next update for ‘Day 2’.
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