Paradise beach

Pondicherry diaries

Day 2
Welcome back to the second part of pondicherry, on our second day, the day began with a mild drizzle, followed by a breezy and beautiful weather. Our major part of the day was spent at ‘Paradise Beach’ & ‘Chunnambar boat house’. Our color palette for the day remained to blues and whites, blending with the sea and pastel like the surrondings.


The place was breathtakingly beautiful, filled with lush greens and tons of coconut trees, it was a picturesque scene, we managed to capture a few but however the sight we had infront of our eyes was worth being there in person. The place was clean and well maintained, and no wonder it was a paradise to visit.
This beautiful place was an island, yes thats right, a secluded island called the ‘paradise beach’. Surrounded by clear and clean waters. Far from the any noise or pollution, a peace that we much awaited for. His outfit for the day was a white printed polo shirt, paired along with shorts both from maxmen, and glasses chosen from flipkart, and watch from Giordano.
If only we could stay there forever!. Lost in the island, among the trees and with the gentle whisper of the waves. Her outfit for the day was a tye dye dress, self-designed by mean*, shrug from splash and slip-ons from bata. We then headed on to the backside view of the chunnambar boat house
After a day of rejuvination and dose of nature, we headed on to food! We went to at a beachside shack, where we ate fried fish, a delicacy by the beach side and chicken noodles! which was absolutely delicious. With a final glance at the beauty that is, the paradise beach, we headed back. Stay tuned for the next post!
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